Alexandria + Michael | Surprise Proposal- Dilworth Park- Philadelphia, PA

Back in January, I received a call from Michael who was in the midst of planning the most perfect proposal for his girlfriend, Alexandria. He was sure of several things. First, he wanted it to take place in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, at Dilworth Park. Second, he wanted both her parents and his parents and several of their closest friends to be there to witness and celebrate with them afterward. And third, he wanted it all to be captured in photos- that's where I came in!

I was thrilled for this opportunity because I knew how special this day would be for them and it's always an honor when I get to witness the love two people share. 

Michael could not have chosen a more beautiful day to propose. The sun was shining and it was a balmy 54 degrees (rare for the Northeast in January!) I got to Dilworth Park early to scope out my hiding spot and even got to meet their parents before the big moment. They were so adorable hiding on the side of City Hall where they made sure Alexandria would not be able to see them but they could see it all go down.

Grove Photography South Jersey Wedding Photographer.jpg

I hid in the garden maze and tried my best to look like I was just a fellow tourist- I think it worked because Alex had no idea I was there! I'll let the photos tell the story.

Their families and friends were so adorable and were so incredibly happy for them, the emotion was infectious.

After the reality set in of what took place, I pulled Michael and Alex aside to take some photos of just the two of them so they could have some time alone to relish in this amazing day. I think you'll all agree they are just so incredibly adorable. 

*Side note- Shout out to Michael for choosing such a gorgeous ring for Alex! It is absolutely timeless and stunning. Michael worked with Marche’s Jewelers in Oaklyn, NJ on this beautiful setting.

We wrapped up this special moment by heading over to the Ritz Carlton where their families celebrated with cocktails and a toast. 

After their magical day, I reached out to Michael and Alex with a few questions to get to know their story a little better. They truly are the sweetest couple and I loved hearing the details of their love story. See what they had to say about each other below.

When and how did you two meet?

We met in 2011. Alex’s family joined Merchantville Country Club where I was working at the time. I became friends with her younger brother and he set us up. 

What made you two fall for each other?

From the beginning we had great chemistry. We always had a great time together no matter what we were doing. We complimented each other and had a lot of similar interests. We both encouraged each other to follow our dreams and ambitions. 

What do you most look forward to when you think about your wedding?

Michael: Seeing how beautiful Alex looks in her dress! And sharing this special day with friends and family. 
Alex: I look forward to our future together and what the next chapter will bring. Celebrating with friends and family.

Do you have a tentative wedding date? If not, any idea on the time of year you'd like to get married?

No set date yet but Fall 2019 

What was the best part of your proposal?

Michael: Surprising Alex and keeping her on edge all day long! 
Alex: The surprise of it all! I loved that he planned such a perfect surprise and had my family and friends there to share in the day! I also loved the pictures and getting to see my reaction because I was so surprised I don’t really remember what happened after he asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him! It was a perfect day! 

Alex + Michael- Proposal-95.jpg

It truly was the most perfect day. I am so grateful to have witnessed this love story and I wish Michael and Alexandria all the best! Congratulations, you two!