Grove Photography Friendor- On-Location Makeup Artist: Meghan Jester

Today is the beginning of a new blog series where I highlight the best of the best in South Jersey wedding vendors. As a recent bride myself, I understand how difficult it is to search for and decide on all of the wedding vendors that will help to make your day as beautiful and memorable as possible so I thought I would help my current and future brides by creating this series. 

We're kicking off this series with one of my favorite "friendors," Meghan Jester. Meghan is an on-location bridal make up artist in South Jersey who I first met when I was searching for a make up artist for my own wedding. She is extremely talented and one of the most genuinely kind and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I met up with Meghan and one of her brides at her home where she was doing a trial and was able to capture not only her gorgeous work but I also sat down with her to ask her some of the most important questions brides ask when booking their wedding day make up artist.

Take a look at some of the magic she created below and check out what she had to say when I asked her the tough questions. 

Will you do a trial run with me before my wedding?

MJ: Yes! I highly recommend trials, though they are not required. Trials with me typically last for one and a half hours, and you are welcome to bring your mom, sister or best friend! The trial is the time to discuss your bridal beauty vision, and then I execute it. We go over the look, and you decide if you would like me to  make any adjustments, or perhaps try a different lip color. Then, I take your photo from different angles, along with notes on the products used and the things that you love or didn't like as much. Following the trial, I make sure that you let me know how the makeup held up throughout the day. Having a trial definitely ensures that you're wedding day look is absolute perfection! I always tell my bride's, "if you love the look at your trial, you're going to REALLY love it in your wedding day!"

Do you work on location?

MJ: Yes! I exclusively work on location, with the exception of trials. Trials are done in my home 90% of the time, though I will do them on location by request.

Should I save photos of makeup looks I like? 

MJ: Absolutely! It is important to keep in mind, however, that you will not look like the woman in the picture! Not only will her features and coloring affect the look, but photos are often filtered, photoshopped, or just taken in really great light. Ultimately, pictures serve as a great starting point and inspiration, but we'll discuss what it is you love about any given makeup look so that it will make you look your best!

What kind of prep should I do before the trial and the wedding?

MJ: I provide a personalized skin care preparation information sheet to all of my clients. It includes information on proper cleansing, exfoliation and grooming that will perfectly prime your skin for a flawless makeup application.  

I have sensitive/acne prone/dry skin, how will you address this?

MJ: The recommended course of action will greatly depend on how much time we have before the wedding. I often recommend that brides make an appointment with their dermatologist and/or schedule some pre-wedding treatments with a licensed aesthetician, depending on the skin concern. 

What brands do you use on your brides?

MJ: I use a variety of professional-grade products. I pull from many familiar high-end brands as well, including MAC, Urban Decay, Stila, and Tarte. Everything that goes into my kit has been rigorously put to the test to make sure they are long-wearing and effective and good for all skin types. The collection is always evolving. 

What size bridal party can you accommodate? 

MJ: I will personally serve up to 8 bridal party members. If there is a time crunch, or if there are more people requiring services, I will bring in a second artist and/or an assistant to accommodate everyone. 

Where can I find your most recent work?

MJ: My web site, is frequently updated, but you can also find my most recent work on my Instagram and Facebook Business pages.

What do you do for fun?

MJ: I love spending time with my new daughter, Zoe Christine, as well as my tight-knit group of family and friends. I also love creating art, going to the movies, shopping, dating my husband and personal growth and development. 

Tell us something most people don't know about you.

MJ: Most people assume I'm an extrovert because I'm very friendly, personable and ask lots of questions, but I'm totally an introvert! I pour myself into whoever is in front of me, but I can only be social for so long! Once I'm finished working a wedding, I go home and rest all day. I love what I do, so it takes all I have out of me, and I need lots of alone time to recharge and recover so I can do it all over again the next weekend! 

What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

MJ: I care so much about my work and my clients and I truly see what I do as a service. When I am with a client, it is all about her and what she desires. I do whatever I can do to make her feel beautiful and comfortable, and it's not about my ego or what I want to see--it's all about her! I think this is what sets me apart from a lot of other artists. 

Vintage Bridal Shoot- A walk down memory lane

For those of you who don't know, I am getting married this Memorial Day Weekend! With only 67 days to go, this is considered "crunch time." I am currently finalizing all of the last minute details and deciding which sentimental pieces I'd like to incorporate on the big day. With so many things going on, I had a bright idea. I asked my mom if she would be willing to unbox her 30 year old wedding gown to see if there was anything I could take from it to incorporate into my ensemble... little did I know how magical this experience was going to be.

When we took the box down out of the closet and wiped off the layer of dust, I could feel my mom's excitement and nervousness because she clearly didn't know what we would discover. Would it be in tact? Would it be yellow? Will it still fit?

We lifted the lid and carefully peeled back the tissue paper and there she was, in all her 80's glory, my mom's gown. Was she a little yellow? Yes. Do you think that stopped my mom from shedding a small tear? Absolutely not. 

Once she put on her gown I knew I absolutely had to do a Bridal shoot. When my parent's got married their photographer didn't capture the details of her gown or accessories and didn't do a bridal portrait session. This was my chance to give my mom those detail shots so she will always remember them. I believe every bride (even if she's been married for 30 years) should have portraits taken to capture her beauty.

Her gown was just as beautiful as she remembered and I felt so privileged to share in this moment with my mom. She was so proud of this gown and all of the memories it holds. She insisted that I try it on, and if I'm being honest, I was chomping at the bit to do so!

It fit me like a glove- almost like it was meant for me. And I have to say, I am in love with her veil and almost wish these puffy sleeves were still in style! 

After this experience with my mom I am dying to do another vintage bridal shoot. I have a couple in the works and cannot wait to share them with you! If this is a shoot you would LOVE to get in on, let me know in the comments! 

Until next time...