Motherhood Sessions

I am passionately invested in creating portraits that will define motherhood as both fascinating and timeless- as I believe it is always meant to be seen. The family portraits that I create are photographed to be adored for generations. Far surpassing the purpose of an annual holiday card- my family portraits go deeper to capture the irreplaceable moments, the ever fleeting seasons of life together, and the grounding story that your gift of family was always more than enough. 

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From bump…

I photograph the expecting mother who, like myself, values the beautiful simplicity that creates classic art. I create portraits to be framed in her home for generations, where years from now she will lean in and whisper to her youngest, "I was carrying you inside of me when this photograph was taken.”

Grove Photography New Jersey Maternity Photographer

… to baby

I photograph parents welcoming little ones into their homes and lives in a style that is intentionally intimate and emotionally moving. Photographing parents with their newborn children, most often in their own home, is one of my life's greatest honors. This time in life is so mesmerizingly beautiful and I believe it is so important to capture.

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Family and Maternity collections begin at $500
Newborn collections begin at $600